Password Protect USB Backups


Is there a way to password protect or encrypt the NAS to USB backups?

If a drive is removed from the NAS are the contents still password protected?



Can you please share more information about your question?

I’m not getting your question clearly.

Hi ERmorel,

With regards to the first question about NAS to USB backups… On the NAS the shares can only be accessed by users who have been provided with a password and have been given access to the share or shares. I am backing up data on the NAS to external USB hard drives which are then taken off site (in case of a fire or theft situation the data is not lost)… The problem is that the data on the external USB hard drives is not encrypted or password protected in any way, so if someone got their hands on one of these hard drives they would be able to access all of the data. I was wondering if there is a way of protecting the data on the external USB hard drives.

With regards to the second question I pulled one of my RAID 10 drives and tried to read the contents… I could not see any readable data on the drive so that is not a concern.

Thanks for you help

I am guessing that is a no then?

Looks like I will have to get a different NAS or a HP Micro Server, not being able to protect the data on the external USB hard drives is a huge problem.