How to Transfer Files OFF of Pr4100

I have 16TB of Data on my PR4100.

2 x 6TB in Raid 0 and 1 x 6TB in JBOD

I’m building a new unRaid Server and want to transfer all my data from the PR4100 to there.

What’s the fastest way to acheive this? The JBOD is easy, as I can just move the drive and copy the data off.

A ssume I can’t do the same with the 2 x RAID 0 drives.

Ethernet would be tortously slow for 12TB through my home network, but maybe faster if directly connected? Any ideas?

Hey Bodger,

I am not only transferring huge amounts of data on and off PR4100, but work a lot with archiving of media content, where files are sometimes into hundreds of Gigas. What I found over time, that works the best, and according to the traffic log, the transfers are over 2.3 times as fast as were on a simple setup.

I have a dedicated part of the internal network on a Giga switch, on PR4100 using both links, and on the other side a Giga ethernet connection on a quality cable. I suppose if it is a manageable network switch, or a smart network switch could work too.

I Suppose transferring 12TB on a single session can be a bit of a challenge, so I advise you to structure it in parts, so you can sort of monitor that and can progress with the data transfer in a more controlled matter.

I would also advise for such a total data dump to be considered using a drive mirroring/data mirroring app just to be sure that all is what it is.

In your scenario, I would do it over a network, as it is a more controlled environment.
What other options you were thinking?

Good luck!

ps: I run a lot of apps on top of PR4100, like duplicate finders in dumped data from video shoots. And it is slow as hell. I usually do one directory per backup for 12-24 hours just to analyze the contents.


Thanks for the advice. I’m running on my home network, so not sure link aggregation is an option, but I’ll give it a crack and see if it works. What transfer speeds were you seeing using dudal gigabit?

I was hoping for an option utilising USB3 or Firewire, but I thinkk the USB3 port is only for onboarding data to the PR4100.

3rd option I’m thinking is to pull the JBOD drive, grab the data from it, then put it back in. SSH in and transfer files to it. Rinse and repeat. Not sure how much faster this will be than a straight up network transfer, but I would think the read/write speads on the disk would far outwiegh my network capability.

§After observation, this is sort of how the connection speeds went up while running complex apps and moving large amounts of data on and off-network, This is for archival purposes and comes with a lot of duplicate USB disk’s dumps.

Why not just use the USB ports to make backups of the shares of all the data it is there to backup and restore a NAS

I dump 1/2 my NAS to port one and the other 1/2 to port 2
(All my data is Windows 10 type files so the USB drives are readable by Windows )

Hi rejden,
I really like the throughput you’re getting.
I seem to be limited to 2.0MBps.
What cat cables are you using?
Can you attach a screen print of the network services you are using?
How much ram do you have in your PR4100
Thanks in advance