How to transfer files from USB drive to My Cloud EX2 Ultra?


  • I have My Cloud WD EX2 Ultra (2x3To).
  • my computer is running on Windows 10.

Files transfer using Windows Explorer is slow. Ok.
Therefore, I have thought to plug in (USB 3) a usb drive or an external hard drive to the NAS. However, I can’t figure out something:

How to transfer (copy/paste)

data from USB drive plugged in the back of the NAS
to the NAS.

Could you please help me or provide me with external explanation links?

Thank you.


There is a dedicated subforum for the My Cloud EX2 series. This subforum generally discusses a different device, the single bay/single drive My Cloud.

Other ways to copy files from a USB drive attached to the My Cloud USB port include using the My Cloud mobile app for Android/iOS or using SSH (enabled via the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings) and issuing the Linux copy or rsync command using a SSH client.

@Manbboy How are you connected to perform the transfer? Are you using wi-fi or connected by a cable to your Router? If wi-fi is it a gigabit connection?

Thank you Bennor.
I will create another post later on if i don’t get any results here. Thanks for the tip.
SSH, Linux copy, SSH clients are new terms to me. I will google it. Thanks.

Thank you cat0w.
Nas is connected to router with ethernet cable. Here is my setup.

I currently transfer my files to the NAS with Windows Explorer, using Wifi.

Is there a cable-way to transfer faster from PC to NAS ? I thought this can only be done with WiFi… Can below picture be done and will be faster to transfer file ?