How to start over with new windows 10 PC

I have a my Passport WD external hard drive that I was using to back up an old windows 10 PC. I no longer need the data on it. I want to start over and use it to back up a new windows 10 PC. How do I do that? Do I need to reformat the my Passport WD external hard drive and if so how do I do that? Wouldn’t that cause me to lose the WD backup software? Is it better to just somehow delete all the data that’s been backed up, leaving the backup SW intact, and then start from scratch backup up my new windows PC for the first time? If so, how do I do that?



  1. You need to use WD Drive Utilities SW to erase the Passport.

  2. You can download the software from WD by clicking “Downloads” at the top of the WD Community web page. Make sure you select the proper Downloads page for your Passport and select Install “WD Discovery. For Windows”. It may include the other software. If not, Download WD Backup, WD Drive Utilities, and WD Security. There is also a User Manual you can find at the top of the Downloads web page and download that.

  3. Open WD Discovery Apps and select the WD Drive Utilities. With the drive connected it should be listed at the top. Select Erase Drive. Open the Help at the bottom left and select “Erasing the Drive”.

  4. Open WD Discovery and select Apps for WD Backup and follow the manual directions.