Reuse WD Passport Ultra for Windows 10 Machine

I used a WD Passport Ultra to back up a Windows 7 machine that was upgraded to a Windows 10 machine. The upgrade to Windows 10 didn’t go well. I want to use the Passport drive to back up a new Windows 10 machine.

I think I have to do the following (but please correct me):

  1. Erase the Passport drive and reformat it for Windows 10
  2. Install the WD software for Windows 10
  3. Run the WD Apps Setup program

Is that correct, or is there a simpler way of doing it?

I am willing to wipe all of the backed up Windows 7 data currently on the WD Passport Ultra drive.


If you are willing to wipe all the data on the drive, you can reformat it as you mentioned, then install the applications on Windows 10.

There should be an easier way to do this. I can’t even find a way to delete copies of deleted files (those with the name lined out).