How to set the update interval for NO-IP DDNS through the GUI

I noted that MyCloud EX2 supports dynamic DNS update through NO-IP as well as the more usual DynDNS. But when I try to use this service, while it works, the update interval is set to 24 DAYS. The ISP we use gives out leases on the order of hours. I’d be happy to set a shorter interval, but there seems to be no way to do it through the GUI.

I’d even be willing to work with the command line through SSH, but this is not well documented. The DNS update feature is implements using the client /usr/bin/noip2, working off of the config file /etc/no-ip2.conf. There seems to be a way to regenerate this config file using /user/sbin/network -s, but beyond that initial argument, I don’t know what to put. But noip2 is run as a deamon with an update interval of 34560 minutes, which corresponds to 24 days.

Surely there must be a way to get the update interval set shorter. I’ve put a trouble ticket in with WD, but have so far been ignored.

Does anyone have any idea?

I had also put in a trouble ticket about this issue, though I had not yet investigated it as thoroughly as I had to write the question above, and didn’t know about the various daemons and utilities.

I got a reply back from someone named Simon in tech support, who just stated that this was a part of the firmware, and could not be changed. It didn’t seem like his English was that good – grammatically it was sort of OK, but one could see he struggled to write long sentences basically refusing information. A very embarrassing performance all around, I must say.

I sure hope someone knows the answer to this question – as things stand now, the feature that someone went to such trouble to implement is essentially useless.