How to secure your data privacy in home sharing network

I realise that once i connect my WD mycloud on my home router , my Imac are able to access to mycloud and see my data. Does it mean anyone who using the same home network are able to detect my cloud and see the data inside ?

How i create password to access WD mycloud via pc or mac.

comment : WD website and support never provide this important and critical information. I took hours search online without much information provided. How can miss out this ??? to be in this business don’t you guys ever thought that there are more than one people is using the same network ? i can’t believe i am not able to find this information on your support manual . how to secure your data privacy in home sharing network .

you guys really should go back to basis

@FXXKWD Have you already looked at everything provided in the Learning Center?

Have you checked for information in the Knowledge Base?

basically the home sharing network SMB is open to the LAN i.e. anyone connected to your router… it cant be restricted

the private access through WD software and internet is restricted with a username/password . but speeds are very slow

Thanks for your reply .

If they are connected via wifi connection and not via router are they still able to access to my wd mycloud?



All the information is just talking about sharing using mycloud software . Yes user and password is require for that . I have no concern about that .

My concern is does anyone using same network are able to access to my wdcloud without any password or user name .

Does the admin able to create their own password to restrict other to enter to mycloud .

If I go to mycloud website and switch off the share option . I myself are not able to access to it remotely.

Does it just defeated the purpose of getting my own wd mycloud??

@FXXKWD Are you allowing them to use your devices? Have you given them your network User Name and Password?

Are you able to set up Guest Access. See example images from my router below. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.



The SMB share has no password and can be accessed by anyone on your router both WiFi or ethernet.
All they need is the local IP and the username=guest.

The private access is different, it is password accessible through only WD software/website/mobile app
…(or a hack like ADB/SSH )

Thanks a lot that what I thought so too . I was quite disappointed that wd didn’t address this clearly . And there is no proper information online to clearify this .

I have been using mycloud for 2 years only realise now that everyone can access to it by simply using same network.