Network Password

How is it possible to setup a network password for my 2tb My Cloud.

I want users to be able to login and read and write to only the public folder.

I want to login and access everything…

Currently any one on the internet appears to be able to click on it and access the data…


Go your Dashboard, shares where you’ll find a public on/off switch for each.

If you will check out the Help (?) information in the Dashboard you will find more information about how to do this. See example images below.

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cat0w (USA)

This is great however at the moment anyone can login as a guest and access all the data…

How do I limit guest access???

When I view my shares the Public Access Switch is grayed out…

How can I make it active?

thanks in advance!!!

You need to open up your Dashboard and read the Help (?) information provided.

Unless you create a user account for the person and give their device access to your My Cloud they should not be able to see what is on it.

Here is a link to the User Manual too.

If you have a network setup then you should already have passwords created for both network and visitor use.

For your WD My Cloud set passwords up in the Dashboard.

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cat0w (USA)

the public, smartware & timemachine shares are all public by default, you can change the smartware & timemachine shares but noy the public share. I don’t use the publlic share because of this, hopefully you can just tell people on your LAN to not use it either

you can disable public access to the Public share with a simple trick:

Change the share name of the Public share to something different and click save. An error will pop up showing that it’s forbidden to change the name. Just click OK and  the option is not greyed out anymore and you can disable public access 

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What device are the guest on? I haven’t seen anything like the image you are showing, on my Windows PC’s.

I think the key here is you say when they login, I would not give anyone my network guest login information if I did not want them to see what is on my computers or My Cloud.

Maybe someone using the same computers or devices as you can tell you what to do. I havn’t found a way for anyone to sign into my My Cloud as a guest.

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cat0w (USA)