How to reset Admin log in pass word?

Okay, set up the MPW a couple of weeks ago, and had to reset my iPhone, so of course it knocked out my log in info to the MPW. How do I reset it, and get to it from the web? Or is this not possible? Thanks.

If your MPW is still configured as it was before you reset your phone it should not be affected by the phone reset.  What is affected is your phone since it lost the password you use to access the MPW wireless signal. You have to re-connect your phone again to the MPW by locating the MPW wireless signal and entering into your phone, the password you have chosen.  So, you have to remember this password, and if you don’t, you will need to reset the MPW back to factory defaults and reconfigure it again and enter the security password again.  But, before you do this, check some other things.

For example, has your MPW remained turned on before and after you reset the phone?  If so, and you have it connected to your home network, then you should still be able to access the Dashboard via your computer browser through the home network signal as before.  If it was turned off, then you need to turn it on, because the MPW signal of “MyPassport” only remains on about ten minutes if it is set up to connect to the home network  So, turn on MPW, find the MPW wifi signal and connect your phone to it using the password you chose.  Once your phone is connected, you can access the Dashboard, from your phone browser or computer browser. You can now use the My Cloud app on phone to access the MPW, too.

Bottom line, all that should be affected by the phone reset is phone’s loss of sign in password to MPW, and the computer should not have an issue connecting to MPW unless you cannot connect to it because you are trying to connect to it via the home network, or its wireless password.  In this last case you need to connect to the MPW wireless signal using your computer wifi and use the chosen password for connecting, although this password should still be within your computer’s wifi data since the computer is unrelated to phone reset. 

bottom line, I can’t remember the pass word. And I want to connect to it viah computer, never did that before. Had a little trouble getting use to this thing. I can still plug it up USB, but I want to stream from it. So if I reset to factory settings,will I lose everything on it? Not a big deal, as I always back up my data in more than 1 spot. But yest, I need to reset so I can choose a new pass word. Thanks.

Regarding factoy reset:  You will not loose the personal data on the MPW, you will only loose the password you can’t remember, and if you renamed your MPW from the default of MyPassport, you wil loose that to.  In otherwords, resetting will only affect the setup procedure by reverting back to the beginning.

How is factory reset done

For a system only reset, the battery has to have at least a 25% charge.

1. With the power ON , hold down the Power and WPS buttons at the same time for around 10 seconds until the drive reboots and the Power and Battery Status LED flashes white.

  1. Wait until the Wi-Fi LED is blue before reconnecting.

Page 47 of the User Manual.