How To Recover My Laptop From My WD Back-Up Files

This probably a juvenile inquiry but I’ve been laughed at before, so here goes…

I back-up my laptop C Drive data every night to my WD Duo 16TB My Book. My laptop HD just failed. After replacing the HD and getting a fresh Windows 11, I have it back.

Can anyone advise me on the best way to reinstall my data back from my WD to my laptop drive so that I have minimal agony and work ahead?



What application did you use to back up your computer to the WD Duo? You should have a way in that app to reinstall your data.

There is always the drag and drop method.

I used the WD Back-Up Software that was installed when I plugged in the WD Duo. I guess when I plug that back in the App will be ready to downloaded into my new HD. If the App guides me through it, should be OK. If not, I’ll ask more questions.