Restoring backup of previous hard drive

Pretty basic question. I purchased an Ultra some months ago. Backups occurring as expected. Verified that I could restore selected files. Ok. Last week, laptop’s drive started failing. replaced the drive with a slightly bigger SATA drive. Ok. Installed the latest version of WD Backup on the reinstalled Windows 7 laptop. Ok. BUT here’s my question: why isn’t the backup set from the earlier plan showing up on the WD Backup’s Restore UI? When using Windows Explorer to examine the contents of the Ultra, I see 2 folders under “WD Backup.swstor\Steve” - one from today & one from the last time (may 19) the backup ran against my previous (original) laptop’s hard drive. How do get the software to restore from that May 19 backup?

This has to be simple - this use case is so basic - the Ultra drive is providing insurance against a physical failure of the source drive, I now want my insurance to come through for me. What’s the point of backing up a drive if I can’t restore it to the replacement drive?
MTIA for any assistance/feedback.

By replacing your computer’s hard drive, WD Backup belives this is a new computer and does not recognize the old backup in the system’s registry.

You can copy the content within your WD Passport (WDbackup.swstor\steve) to your desktop in order to manually restore your backup.

I have exactly this same issue. My hard drive failed and I can not get WD Backup to recognise my previous “backup”. From the searches for fixes, it seems this is a common issue for many years that WD has not fixed. Are you kidding? The whole idea of having backup software is to mitigate for instances like this. This product is not fit for purpose. I was reliant on WD backup to manage my backups and it fails that simple task. My advice to anyone is to avoid this product completely. Do not use, its a scam.