How to restore data to a new PC?


My HDD crashed and I need to restore my data from my bookworld II white light to the new HDD in my laptop - what is the procedure for doing that?




Hi there!!

First things first, how did you do the backup? o.o


I used the supplied WD Anywhere backup to backup the documents etc from my laptop to the MyBookworld NAS by creating a normal backup plan. Now where I installed a new HDD in my laptop I want to restore the data in the exact same way as it was on my old laptop according to the plan, but how do I tackle it?




No idea?

Should I just install the wd anywhere backup on the new HDD in my laptop and somehow let it find the backup plan and select “restore” or ???


Yes, you need to install the WD Anywhere Backup on the new system.  Then you should be able to find your backup on the external drive.