How to order replacement drive without going through wd rma process?

I just ordered a WD Elements 8TB Desktop, arrived this week.

I just set it up yesterday for the first time. Unfortunately, I noticed immediately after using it for around 40~ mins or so, it would start to produce a buzzing/beeping noise every 3-4 seconds. I turned it off and let it sit for a bit before giving it another try, simply playing some media videos on the drive. Again, after around 40ish mins, it starts making this beeping noise. Nothing I do stops it except turning it off/disconnecting it. I’ve ran the SMART test through it with no problems, using the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics program. I also used Crystal Disk Info to check the health and temperature, and nothing is out of the ordinary. (32C-39C)

After enough research I concluded that it has to be some sort of header problem, maybe with it finding the track or something? In any case it definitely signals bad problems down the line since it is not a good/normal noise. I own a second WD elements desktop that is fairly quiet, never made this noise before so it’s not normal.

I used Vocaroo to record an audio clip of the sound it makes.

You’ll most likely have to turn up the volume to hear it, as it’s very quiet in the recording. It is much louder in real life though as I can hear it from across a bedroom. Even worse of course when I’m sitting at the desk closer to it.


You could refer to the following link:

The noise is not normal, and I’ve already tried multiple solutions and scenarios to test it. Multiple sources have already told me the noise is abnormal and most likely a header problem.

I want to replace and get a new one, not using warranty or RMA. This is a newly ordered external drive.