How to open files on My Book

I am completely new to external hard drives. My husband got me a 3T My Book for my birthday and I am trying to figure it out. It is quite frustrating. I would like to take my pictures from my SD card and put them on my external drive and there seems to be no easy way to do that. Do I have to download them to the computer then transfer to the hard drive?
Also, is there a way to open the files on the hard drive to see what is on there? For example, can I open pictures directly from the hard drive to see what I already have on there?
I am hoping for some help.
The main idea behind the external hard drive for me was to put my pictures on there so they wouldn’t be taking up space on the computer.
Thanks in advance

Hi JESSICA_KINGSLEY and welcome to the WD Community.

Probably the easiest way to copy the files from SD card to an external hard drive is to “copy and paste” or “drag and drop” them. Attach your SD card or camera to the computer, depending on what the manufacturer recommends and you should be able to see your pictures. Then you can attach your external drive to the computer. Then you have to do is copy/paste them from one location to another. For additional help on this you can check out this link from Microsoft. If you are using a Mac it is pretty close to the same:

It is possible to open files directly from a hard drive. When the drive is connected to your computer it should up in My Computer on Windows and in the Finder if you are using Mac. You should be able to click or double-click on the drive to open it and then click or double click on your pictures to view them.

In general it is recommended to have your files in two separate physical locations to create a backup. This way if something happens to one of the locations/drives you have a second one with all of your data.

Thank you! I will give this a try!