How to get the best transfer rate of a SSD drive

I am a music composer and I am looking to purchase a new drive. I want the highest speed possible for my system… As it is to run some heavy VSTs.
I have a macbook pro mid 2015 running 10.10.5
I have thunderbolt 2 and Usb 3.0.
I am looking at the SSD drives, and see that it connects with USB… So would I get the speed using plugging it in my USB 3 port? I already have a thunderbolt drive from another brand, with specs of 130MB/s, so now that I am making a move to G-Technology, I wanted to pass the speed that I have with my drive.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Yes, you would get much greater speeds than 130MB/s with the SSD USB 3.0 drive of ours.