How to delete WD Quick Formatter.exe from being displayed?

Right now, when the drive is locked, on opening the drive in My Computer, there is the WD Quick Formatter.exe displayed.

I’m just afraid that whoever gets a hold of my hard drive, will just format the drive out of spite since they cannot unlock the password.

I can’t even delete this file. There is no option.  How do i get rid of this file without disabling the WE Smartware itself?

You can’t.

You don’t want anyone to access the drive yet you don’t want anyone to risk formatting the drive? Dude, I think you should just hide the drive away from people.

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Prometheus, the WD Quick Formatter is part of the Firmware and can not be deleted, however, it may only be displayed when there is an active password for security. This is intentional in case the owner of the Disk Drive is unable to remember the password.

If you would not like take the risk of a third party formatting your Disk Drive by mistake (Or intentionally), then perhaps removing the password under Settings might be a viable option on your particular case. You could also share the password with those you consider may need to have access to the Disk Drive.


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Thanks Trancer.


Removing the password would mean no security, and i can’t have that… I bought the hard drive for the capability of password protection. :) 

I’ve got quite a bit of sensitive data on that drive.

Its just that whoever “accidentally finds” my hard drive, would rather just quickly do a format and keep the hard drive as their own, rather than looking for its owner, if they can reformat the drive so easily. 

I take it that it cannot be deleted, and for me thats just  something i’d have to live with. 

But do keep me updated if there’s a workaround removing the WD quick formatter, i’d be happy to know how.

i’m using an old generation of wdc 1tb and i’ve never updated the firmware even if it always asks me to. the quick formatter is not available in the version that i have. i don’t know if you can re-track the firmware to a lower version. mgiht help if possible. sorry but i’m not really IT-minded person so i’m just stating this without much realization of the possibles.

I also find this file not very favourable :smiley:

hope this can help: