How to clone a failing disk to a new hdd, using Acronis True Image WD Edition?

I have one laptop with a failing WD disk (I got SMART messages on boot telling me to transfer my files to a new one ASAP); this laptop won’t stay on for more than a couple of minutes (producing disk-related BSODs). I have bought a brand new WD hdd for this laptop. Finally, I’ve got a working (back-up) laptop, which is also equipped with a WD hdd. All HDD’s are SATA.

So, which is the best approach for me to clone the failing disk to the new one? Would it be possible to connect them both via USB enclosures to the working laptop and do the transfer on the fly, using Acronis True image WD Edition? If not, what is the best other alternative in my case?

Thank you very much in advance for your help and insights.

Go over tp the Acronis Forums and look around there is a lot of helpful info posted there especially by Grover.


Hi there, To view the instructions to clone one drive to another click here.

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Did the trick — thank you.

I used easeus todo backup to clone the whole disk with system to a new one.

while cloning i can even resize the disk.

and it’s free for home users.

you are very welcome! anytime.