How to backup the backup

Hi, anyone any thoughts on the best way to backup a Mybook World Live device i.e backup the backup. With the MBW there was an external usb socket which enabled you to backup the server to usb using a cron script and your preferred linux tool i.e rsync. So every night my MBW backed itself up to a locally attached 1Tb disk drive.

My MBW disk just died and I ordered the MBL 2Tb, as it seemed to be bigger, faster, stronger etc, but it also seems to have dropped the usb socket, which is a shame as this was very useful and worked well.

I guess I could either :

  1. get a nas dongle and use that, but I think they are mostly FAT32 only

  2. get a second MBL and backup to that across the network

  3. backup to the cloud. that would be the smart thing to do, as 2 local backups are not resistent to flood , fire or local disaster, but I perceive that this is still expensive for > 1Tb of data

Anyone  solved this conundrum ?

If you are using the WD Smartware software, you can use the option “safe points” to create a backup of a backup.

More information:

Page 88.