How to backup my files on the MyPassport

Hi, I would love your help. I have purchased a WD MyPassport, but don´t understand how to start a backup of my files. My other external drives have been really easy – just plug it in and the backup has started automatically. On my MyPassport I get to this screen (see image) and when I click on My Passport I am taken to Finder.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

Thank you so much! :smile:


Hi Tone,

Please know the WD My Passport Ultra drive ships with an NTFS file system for Windows PC’s; macOS computers can mount NTFS formatted drives, but it will be Read Only. It’s best your WD My Passport to be re-formatted in HFS+J file to be compatible with Time Machine or exfat to be read/write ready on both Windows and macOS.

Starting macOS Time Machine Backups to My Passport and External USB Drives:

Thank you for your help and the link.

Kind regards