How to back up a Wireless Pro?

Hi there, I have just started using a wireless pro and am having issues figuring out the best way to back this up to another device. There does not appear to be any backup feature in the dashboard, and when I try to use TimeMachine the wireless pro is recognised but TimeMachine lists it as a device to be excluded from backup (which I cannot change). Other than connecting an external hard drive and manually copying all the files I cannot see a suitable back-up solution - but hopefully I am just being thick. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


What will be the destination for these backups? another USB device? Network Storage?

Personally, I use the front USB port of a PR2100 to backup My Passport Wireless Pro content to my NAS.

Thanks for replying. I would like to back up to another external drive
using USB and I know I can plug one in and “drag and drop” the files,
however that seems a very cumbersome method for backing up.

Should I be able to back up using time machine? Or is there another back up
tool you recommend?