How does the pull and backup from Google photos work?

want MyCloud home to take a completely automatic local backup of all changes to photos and docs it finds on Google Drive.

So …
When I take a photo on my phone it is automatically synced by Android to my google photo library.
But, what I want is for MyCloud home to be continuously monitoring my google account for new photos and then to take a local backup of them in MyCloud home.
I want to setup the sync once and then have confidence that MyCloud home is continuing to track changes on google for months on end without me having to do anything else.

Is this possible?

Have you visited the learning center, maybe your answer can be found there?

Yes I read the user guide.
The section “Sync Online Cloud Content” doesn’t look promising.
The text suggests that it is not a “sync” at all but more of an “import” faculty, which is pretty useless really ass I can do that already and conveniently with a pc

What I want is for the backup device stay in “sync” with Google as I make changes to Google like adding photos.
I don’t want have to manually login and tell the device to perform an import once a week.

There are online services that will allow me to make a synchronised copy of Google onto Amazon for instance.
But I wanted a synchronised copy of Google on a local device and had hoped that this device might be good for that but it doesn’t look so.

Hi @johnlon,

The ability to backup your Google Drive account works as you describe. Go to “Services” and enable the “Social and Cloud Import” app. Within that app it will give the ability to do a continuous, one way sync of your Google Drive content to your My Cloud Home device. When the user guide talks about “import” all they mean is that any changes made on the My Cloud Home side are not pushed back up to your Google Drive account. The import is one-way, however does occur continuously as changes are made.

Let us know if you have any questions

My Cloud Home Product Team

Hi thanks.

Is there an incremental backup facility (time machine)?

So if I accidentally delete something on Google I’d still have a historic record in the WD device

Right now there is not. Assuming you keep the connection with Google open, any changes made, including deletions are going to make it to the WD device.

My Cloud Home Product Team

Feature request?

Can I assume then that the same holds true for using the Social and Cloud Import App with that this is a one-way push? In the initial sync to MHC, there were a few folders on my BOX account that did not come over? Can you think of a reason why? Lastly, How would MHC know to get changes from my BOX account or how can I initialize a SYNC from the BOX account?

Box works the same way as Google Photos. It’s a one way continuous import. We know that changes have been made because Box informs us via communication between their platform and ours (standard part of their, and most everyone else’s SDK). The only channel that’s a bit different than that is Facebook. They don’t allow us to maintain a connection so every import requires a new request.

For the missing files, there is one limitation I’m aware of right now that is specific to Box sync. That is that we are not importing shared files/folders. Either ones that are shared with you, or ones that you have shared with other people. Hope to have this addressed in the future but take a look and see if that might be the case.

My Cloud Home Product Team

It seems like you have already answered this but can you please confirm that the My Cloud Home will automatically download pictures and videos from google photos (i.e. backup). You have stated that it will for google drive but this is a different app. Also what other google drives will do this type of backup?

Yes, Google has separated Google Drive and Photos and there is no option built in for photos. Matt, can you advise? @WDStaff @mddimmick I read this thread and have done extensive online research and it seems WD is asleep on this Google Photos thing. If I’m missing an update, or workaround, I would love to know. Thank you.

I have uncovered and created the Google Photos folder in my drive but that isn’t including all of my photos because my size limit is 100 GB

I am using WD Discovery BTW–You have so many pieces of software it’s a bit confusing.

It looks like google photos has been EOLed by google. You now need to use google drive to sync photos. See the post below for more info.

What is the current situation with syncing photos and docs from Google to this drive.
Does it work reliably or not?
Any user experiences?