My cloud App backup only the camera photos!


I noticed that My Cloud app backup only the images that were taken by the camera, any other images that were downloaded from the internet, images in WhatsApp folder or images downloaded from Facebook or even the screenshots of the mobile screen will not be synced to My Cloud Home.

I did not understand why! Basally, the main functionality should be the auto backup.
For example, Google Photos, asks you exactly which folder you would like to sync to Google Photos. But this is not the case with My Home Cloud!

And if the solution is to upload it manually, isn’t a great solution, and I need to select the photos for each day!! I can not select the album(The folder). I need like forever to select all my photos.

Is there any solution to enable the auto backup for specific folders and not only for the camera folder?

I’m using Android 12
Samsung S21 Ultra
The app version is:

Any advice?

You should stick with GP if that is what works for you.