How do I switch off G-Speed Shuttle XL?

Just got myself a G-Speed Shuttle XL. I have it connected to a Mac. After I eject the drive how do I turn it off? I’ve tried holding down the power button but nothing happens.

You can unplug the TB cable and it will turn off. You can press the power switch for 5-7 seconds and let go and it will start its power down process.

Normally users don’t turn these units off but the easiest way is just to unplug the TB cable.

I’ve unplugged the TB cable. It makes no difference.
Why have a power switch if it doesn’t work. I’ve kept it pressed for 10 seconds and nothing happens.

i try to turn off my hardisk i have shuttle xl and i have kept pressed for 10 sec and dosent work
how i can turn off

it is not safe to unplug the tb cable because i try one time and g raid app send me notifc
sorry rydia it is not the right way to swutch off the unit

You need to eject the drive from the desktop first, then you can unplug the cable.