How do I get more space on my external Hard Drive after deleting files

Wondering if anyone can please help me.
I have a few western digital external hard drives that say the drive is ‘full’. I have deleted folders of images the drive, put them in the trash on my mac, emptied the trash so I believed it would give me the space back on my external, but it has not.
Has anyone else had this problem?
I don’t understand why or what I’m did wrong to not get the space back. I have tried googling the info but stumped.
I am on a macbook pro. Any help appreciated. thanks so much

@Angiehubb Are you able to reboot these devices? If you have deleted the files/folders the space should be there even though it may not be showing. A reboot should help to show the space.

What devices do you own, I have WD My Clouds.

Thank you for your reply. What do you mean by ‘reboot’? I’ve tried everything. Plugging it in, turning it off, both the computer and the external. Doing first aid disc defrag, The drive is formatted, and this not the only western digital drive to do this that I own. once I remove hundreds of Large RAW file photographs, thinking the space would free up, and it doesn’t soo keep buying new 6tb drives. It’s getting expensive and I know these drives now have space with the removal of images :frowning: but why doesn’t it allow me to add the new images to it.

@Angiehubb Since I use Windows I’m not sure about a Mac or the WD device you have.

For my My Clouds, I have two, I actually use File Explorer, open up one of my My Clouds and delete folders or files on them. They don’t have a Recycle/Trash bin. Below is an example image. In it you can see I have selected Documents and I can click on the red X above it or do a right click on it and select Delete.

To reboot is to turn it off, then unplug and plug it back in or select reboot, then the device reboots.
On my first generation My Cloud in the Dashboard I have both choices.

are you on a mac? I haven’t set anything like that up. I’m not very tech savvy. usually I just format it, plug it in and store to 2 externals for safe keeping. I don’t trust the clouds. lost many things in them.

Thanks, Angie

No, I own two Dell Computers with Windows 10 Home, a Desktop and a Laptop. I have a new Dell Laptop with Windows 10 Pro arriving in the next couple of days.

For WD products I own two WD MY CLOUDS, a 1st and a 2nd generation. WDMyCloudImage