How can I change the Genre of a movie?

A number of my Animated films display as other genres according to their storyline, i.e Comedy, Adventure, etc.

When I filter within the Library by Genre to display all Animated films together, less than half of them are presented therefore and the rest are scattered accordingly.

Can I revise the Genre classification manually, and if not how can I arrange for them to display together?

When I first started with WDTV I initially put them on a separate folder from the movies, which I named “Animations”, but I quickly found of course that the Library didn’t pick it up.

Although I could switch the Library off and access them, it meant losing the visuals and summary and the other info., which isn’t a problem for something like “Frozen” where the family are totally familiar with it already, but for foreign language animations the title doesn’t always help and the artwork etc is needed.

Thanks for any help!

Well, if I recall, the WD TV never did a decent job of genre filtering when more than one genre was assigned to a single video.

If you’re using the Media Library and scraping via the WD TV, then you’ll have to live with the genre assigned in the TMDB website.

If you want to modify the XML to set the genre, you can do that, too, but you’ll need to rebuilt the library to pick up the change.

Thank you for this, Tony.

How do you modify the XML? If it is an option I’d like to give it a shot as that’s way preferable to hunting around amopnt the other content when something isn’t where it should be. Rebuilding the library would be worth it to get it working right, and anything added in the future can be looked at and modified first if needed.

Unless you know of another way to group categories together manually but still show in the library?

Just open the XML file in Wordpad, find the tag, and modify the contents to whatever you like and save the file.

Thanks, I’ll try a couple and see how it goes, if it isn’t a mighty hassle then I’ll do the rest that need it … thanks so much!