Hot PLUG / HOT SWAPPING ? Ultrastar® DC HC550

I bought a : WD Ultrastar DC HC550 18TB / 7200 RPM / 512MB Cache / WUH721818ALE6L4

and I have ASUS ROGSTRIX B660 MOtherBOard with hotplug active on all 4 SATA-ports.

I don’t want the drive to be on all the time and I use it only once a week so I do not connect
the SATA cable and the POWER cable unless I want to use it .

Connection is done BEFORE I turn on the power supply ! ( and disconnect AFTER PSU is off !)

I wonder: Could I have the SATA-cable connected to the MOtherBOard all the time and
instead of physically connecting/disconnecting the power (5V/12V) -cable to the PSU
instead soldering a toggle switch which acts a on/off for the 5&12 volt ??

Of course I will still be switching on the 5/12V to the disk before switching on the power supply
and thus powering the MOBO . ( and the opposite)

I might be very stupid but I do not understand what this means:

DC power requirements
Damage to the drive electronics may result if the power supply cable is connected or disconnected to the legacy
Power connector while power is being applied to the drive (no hot plug/unplug is allowed). If SATA power supply
cable is connected or disconnected to the SATA power connector, hot plug/unplug is allowed.
Table values for current and power are considered ‘typical’ values. Typical is defined as observed average or
observed maximum in a sample of 6 drives per model under voltage conditions of 5.0V and 12.0V at the drive
reported temperatures as noted.

It is from the :

Hard disk drive specifications
Ultrastar® DC HC550
3.5 inch Serial ATA hard disk drive
Revision 1.3
21 January 2021

Hi @assar,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

I just did and I filled in everything correctly but got this back: