Home Duo NAS- PC windows 7 files and MAC iOS iTunes

I have just bought a Home Duo 4Tb NAS and have successfully moved pc document files to it. Really pleased with accessibility and organisation of these files from my windows PC.

I also have a MacBook and wish to move my iTunes from this machine to the NAS. I will also want to access my iTunes library from iPhone and iPad devices. in due due course may even connect a Sonos.

For iTunes, I have separate accounts. For example I have one account for personal files and documents, my wife has a similar arrangement, and we also have a family iTunes account. The family iTunes account we use for music etc so we can all access the library.

Initially I am looking to move the family iTunes library to the NAS and get it off my MacBook as my Macbook cannot hold all of the music /media i want to put on it. I have found instructions for moving the library to the NAS and that is fine, however before I do so I have some questions:

  1. given that I have pc document files on the NAS and I want to move an iTunes account onto the NAS, Should I move this onto the NAS under the same login and then share it publicly or should I set up a separate NAS login account and transfer it to that?
  2. by moving the mac iTunes onto the NAS would I damage access to the windows PC files already on the NAS ?
  3. does the drive need to be reformatted to receive the mac iTunes? If so how will this impact on the windows files already on the NAS on the same WD account login.