iTunes question

Howdy, have about 100GB in iTunes on my iMac. I want to move it over to the NAS.

From what I read I have two options:

  1. Move everything across to the NAS, and then setup my iTunes to point th elibrary location to the directory on the NAS.

  2. I assume this option is the iTunes Server under the Settings in the dashboard - use the Shared option in iTunes - move the files across manually to the Music folder under public.

Which is the best way?  I will want to use all my machines here (iPhones, mini iPads, iMac, MacAir) to connect to the SAME iTunes library, and ALSO want to copy songs to the phones / mini’s for travelling.

I guess that with the copying option, the best thing is to setup the new library on the NAS, and have iTunes point to it?  And ignore the iTunes / Network Shared option??

Another disadvantage I have seen using the Shared option is that you CANNOT edit songs once they are on there… or am I wrong?

Help me please!


See if the following Apple support page helps.