Help with G-Raid TB3 on TB2


I hope there is someone kind enough to explain some things regarding the G-Raid with Thunderbolt 3. I am in haste since I have a very short time window for ordering these drives online in a foreign country.

The situation is as it follows:

Have an iMac and MBP with Thunderbolt 2. Wish to buy G-RAID with Thunderbolt 3 8Tb, two of them. Wish to use one drive in Raid 0 for maximum speed and the other one to daisy chain to the first one and use it as a backup of the first one.


  1. Will I be able to use TB3 on TB2 machines, and if yes, how so?
  2. Will I need Apple’s Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter.
  3. In case I connect the first drive with my iMac via USB-C to USB-A supplied cable and I daisy chain the second drive to the first via TB3, will this setup allow me to use the drives as said before, one as RAID 0 and the other one as a backup of it?

Hoping that I was clear enough, I thank you so very much for your time.

  1. Yes, by using a TB3 to 2 adapter, Apple makes them
  2. Yes
  3. If you use the USB connection then you cannot daisy chain. Chaining requires the same interface the whole way through. Meaning TB all the way. USB-C is not Thunderbolt.

Thank you so much for the fastest answer!
May I pick your brain just a bit more?

I hope that my terminology is correct.

Will I be able to configure the first drive as RAID 0, as well as the second one, while using the first one for keeping the photos (in my case) and configuring the other drive to RAID 0 buy with the behavior toward the first one as RAID 1 (making a backup of the first one)? Does the G software allow this kind of thing?

I am fairly new to this game, never had RAID on drives, just in 2010 purchased one G-Drive that was never ever turned off since than, and that still amazes me, that is still functioning, hear no evil.

Thanks again!

The RAIDs themselves will be individual so they can’t then be made RAID1 together without external help. A 3rd party software RAID solution is possible however I’d not recommend it as they are two different pieces of hardware.

If you want to make both RAID0s match each other then I’d recommend something like Chrono Sync that will make sure the drives match.

Thanks again. You have just confirmed what I imagined as a solution for I am using Chrono Sync since some years and will continue to do so with a new setup.
Thank you!

Hello again,
I hope I can get another answer fro you.
You see, I did purchase said G-Raid with Thunderbolt 3 8Tb. Two of them and enjoying them so much so that I managed to fill them up with data pretty quickly. My question is:

Since I have G-Raid of 8Tb which consists of two HDDs of 4Tb, can I just remove one of 4Tb to add 10Tb HDD to reach a total of 14Tb or both drives need to be of the same size for RAID 0?

Thank you!

They need to be the same drives, can only upgrade the units in pairs.


Thank you.

Hello again,

Can you advise me on the purchase of these HDDs as substitute for my 4TbX4 drives in G-Raid(s) TB3?

WD ULTRASTAR SATA 10TB 4KN HUH721010ALN604 is the model.

I have been offered these 4 drives at a very good price. Would they be good in my setup, speed and durability wise?


Yeah they would be great drives.