Multiple Thunderbolt2 G-Raid Drives - How to Connect to 2018 USB-C Macbook Pro

I have 3 G-Raid Dual Drives all with Thunderbolt 2 cables.

  • G-TechG-RAID with Thunderbolt 4TB PartNumber:H8248VC/A : Sept 2012
  • G-Technology G-RAID with Thunderbolt Professional Dual Drive Storage System 4TB (0G02289) - Jan 2017
  • G-Technology G-RAID with Thunderbolt Dual Drive Storage System 8TB (Thunderbolt-2, USB 3.0) (0G04085) - Jan 2018

I have bought a 2018 Macbook Pro which is all USB-C
I just bought a Thunderbolt 3 Dock

Problem is I need ALL of these G-Raid drives to plug into a USB-C hub that can in turn plug into my StarTech Thunderbolt 3 Dock that I plug into my Macbook.

I’d appreciate suggestions on what/how to do this?

  • Daisy chain all the G-Raid drives together and plug into USB-C hub?
  • Plug all the G-Raid drives into a Hub that takes Thunderbolt 2 and has an USB-C output?

I’d also appreciate links to recommended hub’s products…? There are like a billion of these types of things on Amazon and its hard to know what to pick.


The first 2 devices you have are Thunderbolt 1 units and use a software RAID. The 3rd unit is Thunderbolt 2 and uses a hardware RAID. This won’t mean much but I wanted to make sure you understood they aren’t all TB2 devices.

In regards to hubs and setups of that nature we do not have a tested matrix of what works and does not as our design purpose is always for direct attached. The best possible setup is just to use the Apple TB3 to 2 adapter that they make.

That being said you would probably do best by Using the adapter I mentioned and chaining the remaining 2 drives off of the one attached via the adapter.

Ok that works.

1st Thunderbolt 1 - daisy chained to 2nd Thunderbolt 1
2nd Thunderbolt 2 - daisy chained to the Thunderbolt 2

The Thunderbolt 2 is then connected to a Thunderbolt hub which has an thunderbolt output, which has a Apple Thunderbolt to USB-C adapter which is plugged into my Macbook Pro.

Thanks for your help!