Help! USB-C socket is loose and won't connect

Hi - I’ve got MyPassport Ultra, for Mac. My USB-C is loose and moving around, so I can’t plug my cable into it properly. Even if I managed to get it plugged in, It may not be attached to anything anymore!

I’ve prised the cover off the drive, but guess I should try to remove the disk and board from the outer case so I can see what the issue is. Question is, how do I remove it? I can see 3 tiny screws, would it be those? Or if not, do I just ‘break’ it out of the case?

(Or is opening it up a dopey idea and I should leave it to someone who knows what they’re doing?! My hope is that I get access to the USB-C socket, plug my cable in, and it’ll still work… fingers crossed!)

FYI I’m not bothered if I damage the drive in the process - my primary concern is retrieving my photos etc from the drive.