Help Setting-up: WD TV Live+NAS/Ext HD+Apple Airport Express+2 channel stereo

Over the years I have purchased hardware, piece by piece, and so far have been able to successfully connect everything together.  However, as technology advances, it is becoming increasingly harder to put together a whole home networking system with the components that I have accumulated so far. 

Now, I would like to purchase either a NAS or an external hard drive and I am at a loss as to:

  1. which item to purchase, and

  2. how to connect it all together.

Current hardware:

Samsung plasma TV (PN50B850-DLNA compliant) (downstairs)

WDTV Live (downstairs)

Denon AVR-2309CI (downstairs)

WD LiveWire powerline AV network kit (downstairs/upstairs)

Apple Airport Express (upstairs)

2-channel stereo system-Audio Refinement “Complete” (i.e. no digital inputs) (upstairs)




1 wired router (downstairs)

2 wireless routers (upstairs)

satellite TV receiver (downstairs)

AV receiver (downstairs)

So, basically, my HT equipment is downstairs and my 2-channel stereo is upstairs.

Currently, I use iTunes on my computer to wirelessly stream to the Airport Express (AE) via airplay and connect the AE to the analog inputs on the stereo (because there are no digital inputs).

Ultimately, I would like to have all videos/photos/music on a hard drive that I will be able to access without requiring a computer to be running 24/7.

I have purchased a WD My Book Live to use as a NAS, but it is still sitting in its box because it seems that despite all the research that I have done, I still can’t find a solution to my request…how can I store music on a NAS (or ext HD) and have it play on my 2 channel stereo without having a computer running.

It seems that the software that is included with the QNAP and Synology NAS’s allows them to do exactly what I want to accomplish, but at a much higher cost than the My Book Live.

So, with all of the equipment that I currently have, can I use the My Book Live to store all of my music files and have them streamed (wired or wirelessly) to my Airport Express, without requiring a computer to be running 24/7.  Or do I need to purchase a QNAP or Synology NAS, at twice the price, to accomplish this task.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this.

I apologize for going on and on, but I figured that the more detail I include, the less back and forth posts will be required.


The my book live has a media server, so if the 2 channel stereo has an ethernet port and is able to access content from a media server, you don’t need anything else.

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Thank you for your reply; unfortunately, my stereo is an “oldie, but a goodie” and does not have any ethernet connections.