HELP! Saving files with long names

Hello, I have two external G-Drive mobile drives. On one of those, I cannot save files with names longer than 31 characters. Did anyone here have the same issue? Please Help.

Probably helps to mention what file system format they are.

and if both are using the same file system format.

1TB_G-DRIVE mobile Pro SSD and 2TB G-DRIVE Mobile SSD both are factory formatted MacOS Extended (Journaled). There is no problem if I copy and paste a file with a longer name into the 2TB one. But when I try to save a file with Photoshop, I can’t save it.

Sounds like a Photoshop problem then.

I remember back in 2017 that Photoshop did not support names with longer than 31 characters… from your question here, it still seems to be the case… I’d check the Adobe forums for more info on this…