Help - iPhone App backup changes photo dates

Good evening,

This is a new problem I am having since an App update. When I auto back up photos from my iPhone MyCloud is now changing the date to the date of the backup rather than keeping the original ‘taken’ date. This is really frustrating as I want to be able to arrange my photos by date taken, not date backed up…

I’ve emailed WD and the only solution they have offered is to revert to an earlier version of the App - v4.4.16.

Does anyone know where I can find historic iOS versions of the App?

Many thanks,

I don’t think there’s a way to get the older app and there’s no guarantee older apps will work with the latest or newer firmware releases either. What view are you referencing?

When I check my iPhone 8 Backup Folder, I see the IMAGENAME, size, date and time it was taken and not the time is was added to the My Cloud which would have been after 6:00 PM PST just now.

Many thanks for taking the time to reply.

Can I please ask which version of the App you are using?

Also, the file information you can see - is that when you access the folder via the App or via a desktop/laptop?