Auto save from I phone

I have a mycloud for years and have the app on I phone so as to backup pictures. Trouble is it doesn’t work. When it backs up all the thumb nails appear but only the ones that show the actual picture in the thumbnail open, every other does not open and show no data size of pic, usually only one or two pics work correctly. If however I send the pics to the mycloud device through my phone they save fine but it changes the date from the taken date to the uploaded date! It is quite frustrating as I don’t mind manually updating the drive with pictures but want to keep original dates taken but the only way that keeps original dates is backup which doesn’t work!! Can anyone help? Backup used to work when I first got the drive but stopped using back up as I didn’t want to back up all pics from my phone hence why started using manual upload but as said want to keep dates taken. Thanks in advance if you can help

Hello Doug,
Please create a case with us and share the model and OS version of the phone including the My Cloud OS3 mobile app version with screenshots of the issue.
Also we need to know the format of the images that you have issue with.

Please use the below link to create a case.