Help for customitsation

Hello. Sorry for my english but i’m french and i use a translator.

I have Hub since Noel, and I do not manage to make appear as on the theme of Mojo, the background (image de fond, ou fond d’écran pour les français). It needs an alternative firmware there?

I did not understand many things in fact. I look at a lot of series, as Fringe, Breaking Bad, and I shall like very much I can have the sypnosis and an attractive presentation, as that this, I have the template:

Sorry if I made a mistake about places and thank you for your help !

   I’ll assume that your Hub came with a recent firmware release. If you want to use ANY of the current themes, you will need to Downgrade your firmware to 2.17. WD “broke” theme functionality on later releases.

2.18 messed up sizing of cover art.

3.xx won’t display movie sheets

   You’ll have to make the personal choice between getting the latest features or having a “pretty” interface. Themes don’t actually add any functionality to the HUB. I personally use firmware 2.17 because I really like FULL SCREEN Moviesheets.

There are MANY really creative and artistic themes and thumbgen is a fantastic tool for managing your library data and making moviesheets look your way.

   Just my opinion. I do try each new firmware but until they fix moviesheets, It’s a non starter for me.

All the above is just my personal opinion. YMMV.

I have the firmware version 2.06.10. It works ?