Themes with latest Firmware

Hi Folks

Just new here,

I have been trying a few Themes and been quite impressed. (although it takes me ages to get them up and running LOL)

I would like to ask if there is any themes that run with the WD latest firmware?

And what Theme seems to be the best? (most popular)

I am trying Mojo / Darklight at the moment on older firmware but would like to update to the latest.

Look forward to your replys

I’m using MoJo with the latest firmware… only thing I’m having trouble with is moviesheets but that could be just me.

What kind of trouble are you getting?

Is there any way to include the file size into the Info part of MoJo / Darklight ?

It seems that MoJo will will work on new Firmware

But what others will work?

My moviesheets are not showing up.  I generated them from ThumbGen but they’re not being used.  Everything else, like the box art, is being used.

Hi BlackNoir

I just updated and MoJo has the same issus as you. I would like to run with the most recent firmware or close to it but what themes work?

Has anybody else got MoJo working with a more recent Firmware, or can give a good alternative to Mojo?

Does Anodized (custom) work? does it have the scrolling files(videos) along the bottom?

any Info would be much appreciated.

I am using Moj 1.12.01 an it seems to be working fine with FW 3.01.19. A couple of thoughts though. I know that is not the latest version of Mojo, and as well I used hubgen to generate JPEGs and XMLs. To be honest I am a little confused on exactly what the term “movie sheet” means but if we are talking about seeing the movie description, actors etc and scenes from the movie behind that, it is working well.

As I noted in a another thread, there does seem to be some lag time for the hub to fill in the JPEGs for the movies or the folders that is kind of annoying.

Below is a pic of  a directory of Alfred Hitchcock Movies with “Dial M for Murder” selected. As above, this is using Mojo 1.12.01 on FW 3.01.19. On these threads I have seen sheets that look a lot cooler or upgraded from this version, but this works fine for me so I haven’t messed with it. Kinda in “if it aint broke…” mode with the Hub at the moment.


Hope this helps and if anyone has any suggestions for me on how to upgrade this and still make it work well with FW 3.01.19 please let me know. Always looking to improve, as long as someone else has put their toe in the water first   :smileyvery-happy:


I’m using Darklight (Beta) with FW 3.00.28. Tinwarble hasn’t completed it yet but what is there works pretty well with the execption of the RSS Menu icon not animating or displaying RSS on the tab when you renturn to the main menu from the RSS feeds.

I like the theme so much and the new options in the firmware so well that these minor things don’t bother me much and, who knows, maybe one day it’ll be fixed. :slight_smile:

I am using Aeonish Hub Final with the “Alaska” home page mod on firmware 3.01.19 .

I do not use moviesheets at all (just too much trouble on constantly changing content) and am happy with the look.

You do lose RSS (which is not a loss in my opinion) . I use the same background image on the hub and my computers and the overall look and color themes are very much the same.

A couple of screen shots can be seen here :


I just got my hub yesterday. 

Have used Aeon nox on xbmc and love it. So would like to migrate to aeonish ASAP. Though I understand that it is not supported with the latest hub firmware

What aspects of Aeonish won’t work with the hub? Any stability issues (crashes, etc)?

Also, do themes like aeonish impact the speed of the UI. Do the nicer skins/themes slow the UI?

I am using mojo+the extra menu additions with the latest firmware. I was also able to shrink the menu files a bit to use it with the streaming hub with latest firmware as well, but with less than favorable results.