HELP, can't save or create new folders on My Book or My Passport

Hey everyone,

   I am starting to get really F*&^%$# pissed off because I am having trouble with me two hard drives all of the sudden and don’t know why.  I have a WD My Book that was originally bought for a PC but it was reformatted to Mac OS Extended (Jounrnaled) and I have a WD My Passport Studio for Mac.  

   So basically, I produce my own music through Logic Pro 9 and save all of it to my hardrives; everything is always saved to “My Book” and the My Passport drive is just for the road.  I’ve owned the My Book for about 4 years now and I just bought the My Passport 2 weeks ago.  I have the My Book hooked up via a 7 hub usb port.  So anyway, I produce my own music and save it to these drives.  Everything has been goin fine up until about a week ago.  I have 4 main folders on the My Book HD: MY personal documents folders, a folder for my back ups, a User guid folder and  a Western Digital folder to save all the hard drive ■■■■ in.  What was happening at first was whenever I would open a song and work on it, make any changes or try to save a message would come up saying that I don’t have the proper permissions to make any changes or save anything.  When I would right click and select GET INFO my sharing and permissions read system: read&write, staff: read&write and everyone: read only. So I deleted system and staff ( i don’t know how my owner setting {AnjreuTheodore} and admin were removed or changed to systme and staff because my owner setting and admin are listed with everyone as read&write on my comps hard drive) and replaced them with AnjreuTheodore (owner) and admin and allowed all three to read and write.  Then after searching around the internet I also read that at the bottom of the GET INFO window for the My Book, there should have been a check box with “ignore ownership on this volume” next to it.  That was not there for some reason.  So after a couple hours of trying to figure out the problem and gettting nowhere I copied everything the My book and moved it all to the My Passport and then I reformatted the My Book.  Once I reformatted it I loaded everything back on.  I checked the GET INFO window and the check box with “ignore ownership” was back somehow.  My Sharing and Permissions also read as: AnjreuTheodore(owner), admin and everyone all read&write.  So all was well, I could change and save my work and also create new folders in the my personal folder, Or so I thought.

    Then today I was working on a piece of music and when I went to save it that same box came up again saying I don’t have the proper permissions to save that file onto the My Book HD.  So I was like ok, I plugged in the My Passport and tired to save it onto there under my same personal folder on there but it gave me that same message, “I don’t have the proper permissions to save”.  thats when this ■■■■ was not making sense.  So I opened both in finder and I also opened the get info windows for each.  the sharing and permissions had not changed for either.  The ignore ownership boxes were both checked so then I closed the My Book get info window and reopened and all of the sudden the ignore ownership box had disappeared.  I then closed the My passport get info window to see if the same thing would happen but nothing did, the ignore ownership box still appeared.  So then I tried to see if I could create a new folder in my personal documents folder for some reason on box the My Book and My Passport drives I wasn’t allowed to create a new folder in my personal documents folder or any of the sub folders therein.  The funny thing is I CAN create new folders In all the other main folders on my two hard drives: the backups folders, the user guides folders and the WD folders.  So now I’m just fuming because I don’t know why all of the sudden this would happen.  the only way to fix it is to keep reformatiing these **bleep** drives but I thought this things were supposed to now fail so easily and I don’t wanna have to keep moving all my stuff around to fix this seemingly reoccuring problem.  I hope someone can help me because I want to keep these drives but if i have to i’ll return the My Passport and smash the My Book cause I won’t sell that to anyone if its crapping out.  So If anyone can help it would be appreciated. Thank You.

Anybody have any ideas?