Problem between My Passport hard drive & Mac Book Pro

Hello to everybody!

I have a very big problem, and please somebody try to help me!

A few days ago I’ve taken My Passport hard drive from one of my friends to copy some folders on my Mac. 

But I have Windows 7, so at that moment I used W7, but on mac. So after i put HD in my laptop when I opened it, i’ve seen only the shortcuts, but not the actual folders. I was able to open them on my laptop, I copied everything I nedeed and took out the My Passport from my Mac.

After this my friend is unable to read any of his folders ever, on any PC.

It’s a very big problem, because he had all his life on that HD. 

All the memory of the HD is full now, I mean all 900 GB a used, so it means all files are still there, but we’re unable to read them.

So, the question is: how to recover all the HD, how to make again able to be read and opened?

Please, help me! 'Cause I’m feeling really bad about that!


Did you formatted the drive on the Mac computer by any chance?

What does it says in disk management? is the drive showing there? what’s the status?

no, I didn’t format it anyway!

In the status it’s showing as usual, the only ubnormal thing is that all the folders became shortcuts. And I can read them from my Mac (but from Windows 7 only).

I think there’s some virus appearing on my Windows 7 on mac…