HDHomeRun, SSH Support

I purchased an HDHomeRun Connect and it works great. It comes with Plex so I believe I can use it to record and stream back Live TV. HDHomeRun comes with its own app, but requires the NAS to support and enable SSH. Does this new unit support enabling SSH or more directly HDHomeRun’s app.

I see other WD NAS devices do like even the earlier My Cloud models.

Thank you.

Have you visited the learning center? http://learn.mycloud.com/

Yes I did. Despite my best searching, I don’t see any link or resource stating it supports enabling SSH or HDHomeRun. Covers a lot of territory with Plex and other good information. Just not what I am asking for in the question above.

Hi @themusj - I don’t THINK it supports SSH. Don’t quote me on that yet, as I’m going off of information I remember from a conversation from a few months ago when the product was still under development. I’ll ask for clarification on Monday when I am back in the office, unless someone posts back saying they have SSH access.

The My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo do not support SSH.
My Cloud PR2100/PR4100 supports enabling SSH and Plex DVR

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Thank you. Exactly what I needed to know. Someone suggested the WD My Cloud would work well with recording OTA Live TV with HDHomeRun Connect. As all I want to do is record from OTA and back to my Android TV for later viewing, will that type unit work?

According to HDHomeRun’s site, WD drives will work which meet the min requirements: These manufacturers all supply NAS (Network Attached Storage) that may be used for storing your recordings. Minimum spec: X86 or ARM based CPU, 256 Mb RAM, Must be running Linux and support SSH

must be running Linux and support SSH

MCH is an Android box, no SSH / dropbear installed.