Having issues with USB drive attachment

Hello all…My WDMyCloud seems to work great as long as it is stand alone. However, whenever I attach a WD MyBook 4TB USB drive, I seem to loose connectivity and I’m unable to access the Dashboard until MyCloud is re-booted after USB disconnected. I’m doing something wrong perhaps? Seems like a reasonable request to attach a WD to a WD without too many issues…Thanks!!!

Hi there :slight_smile: ,
I presume you turned the feature on in settings right?

I’m an Old Man and an ID-10-T! Can you expound please???

you have to login to the web dashboard via IP and then go to the Settings and turn on the “USB Content Availability” which when I am looking at it right now might not help at all, but is worth a try :smiley:

What is on the MyBook. If it is a bunch of pictures. The My Cloud may be indexing the pictures.


USB content availability option is for cloud access. The USB Drive attached to the my cloud should work regardless of that option. In certain cases certain users are reported at the my cloud becomes unresponsive when a USB Drive is attached or the USB Drive is not mounted. In certain cases if there is a lot of content on the USB Drive it may take the my cloud a long period of time to scan the USB Drive. Here is one recent thread we’re attaching a USB Drive caused the myC loud to go offline.

Have you looked at the User Manual Chapter 12? Use link below.


I’ve had a Toshiba USB HDD attached to my WDMC for about 18 months, working fine. I RMAd two WD Elements drives prior to getting the Toshiba as they made the MC unresponsive, they don’t seem to get on at all well together for some strange reason.
A few days ago, fed up of the nags I upgraded the firmware to 04.04.01-112 (detaching the USB drive beforehand), when it had settled down after a few hours I reattached the USB drive and the MC became very unresponsive. Gave it overnight to settle down, all to no avail. Reboot, attach, eject, whatever I did with the USB drive connected the MC was useless.(I used SSH to look at running processes and there was nothing apparently amiss)
Today I’ve downgraded to the previous firmware and all is tickety-boo again.
In a nutshell:

  1. The WDMC seems fussy about USB drives.
  2. If your WDMC is working well, then unless you have a VERY good reason to upgrade the firmware - DON’T! Just ignore the nags :slight_smile:

As I suspected. The upgrade killed the ability to attach USB drives. I had the exact same issue when I upgraded. Plugging in USB on my EX4 makes it unresponsive.