[GUIDE] Solving: Sharing settings in Twonky Media Server are lost after restarting

I originally post it here: http://community.twonky.com/twonky/topics/sharing_settings_in_twonky_media_server_are_lost_after_restarting

MBL 2T F/W 02.32.05-046 and Twonky 5.1.9

Note: this is going to ignore configs from: mybooklive/UI/shares

Dificult: advanced

  1. Setup folders share in Twonky web interface:

  2. open this url:

  3. get info from variable contentdir from result of step 2.
    If it is like this: contentdir=+V|/Public/Shared Videos,+V|/Public/Torrents
    You should copy this part: +V|/Public/Shared Videos,+V|/Public/Torrents

  4. Open SSH to your mybooklive

  5. edit the file: /etc/contentdir
    Replace all file contents with contents from step 3.

  6. Restart your mybooklive

  7. Go back again to: mybooklive:9000/config and under Maintance use REBUILD DATABASE

Done! Have fun!

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In step 2, you suggested this

  1. open this url:


it would make life a little easier to use this command instead

of having to search through all that data

the following would return that info and nothing else


There are two oither ways to do this

Edit the twonky startup script file, /etc/init.d/twonky

Change the following

# after 10 seconds, write twonky config from file
( sleep 10; /usr/local/sbin/writeTwonkyContentDir.sh ) &

to this, by adding a # to the second line, which comments out that line

# after 10 seconds, write twonky config from file
# ( sleep 10; /usr/local/sbin/writeTwonkyContentDir.sh ) &


Just rename the script that is doing the actuall changes to twonky’s contentdir setting

cd /usr/local/sbin/
mv writeTwonkyContentDir.sh writeTwonkyContentDir.sh.old

Nice! Thanks to share

Likewise, thanks for sharing

People now have a few options/choices to make the needed changes

they can just pick the one they like the most

and either of them will do the job