(new edit) twonky problem

When i am going to ip:9000 and change sharing settings it is ok but every time i reboot the settings is back to default

and second on home on dashboard it didnt stop scanning or building even if on twonky page done



There is a WD script that is reseting them

to what is set in the WD Web Interface for each share and its media sharing type

On the WD MBL I rename this file to deal with the issue


I know that on the WD Mycloud there is something similiar going on

in the past i was helping someone with this issue on WD Mycloud

the issue is an extra thing that is going on with it in regards to usb mounted drives

the post was on a forum that no longer exists, so I dont have anything to reference for you

you basically have two options

Option 1.

use the wd web interface for folder sharing and define the media sharing you want on those shares there

Option 2.

rename the script I referenced above, restart twonky or the nas

and use the twonky web interface to define your media shares


that’s my problem too.


The wd support says that nothing is done about it.