[GUIDE] How to fix a blank WD MyBookLive Twonky Settings UI


The Problem:

The problem is that when you use the WD MyBook Live Web Interface

to view the status of the twonky media server you get something like the following screenshot show



The Cause:

The cause of the problem is usually caused when one follows one of the many guides that exist

to assist one in attempting to upgrade the Twonky Server 5.1.9 that came preinstalled on the WD MyBook Live

to a newer version of Twonky Server, either the user or the guide dont take the existing files into consideration

of which some of them are used by the WD MyBookLive Web Interface for Media Status

For Example:

/usr/local/sbin/getMediaServerPort.sh is looking for /CacheVolume/twonkymedia/twonkymedia-config.html

to determine the port number to connect to the twonky server to get status from the server

If the file /CacheVolume/twonkymedia/twonkymedia-config.html does not exist its game over for status

The Resolution:

The resolution to the problem is relatively easy, which should bring back the status

of the twonky media server back to normal like the following screenshot shows

1. Enable SSH access http://mybooklive/Ui/Ssh

02 Enable SSH.jpg

2. Connect using WinSCP, user is “root” password is “welc0me”

03 WinSCP Login.jpg

3. Open the folder /CacheVolume/twonkymedia


  • If the folder twonkymedia does not exist in the folder CacheVolume create it



Click on FILES and then highlight NEW and then click on LINK



Enter “twonkymedia-config.html” in the Link/shortcut: box

Enter “/CacheVolume/twonkymedia/twonky-config.html” in the Point Link/shortcut to: box


If the file “/CacheVolume/twonkymedia/twonky-config.html” does not

exist it is most likely in the folder /var/twonky/TwonkyServer 

If it is then use “/var/twonky/TwonkyServer/twonkymedia/twonky-config.html” as the Point Link/shortcut to:

If it does not, your are going to need to figure out where the file is to continue



All Done.

If the Twonky Server is running, and if you reopen a web page to the WD MyBook Live Web Interface

You should now have a working Twonky Media Status page again

If you do not, then there is something else going on, beyond the scope of this guide


One possibility is the port Twonky Server is running under is not 9000

Another is is the twonky service is actually stopped, even thought the wd gui shows it as enabled


Dont even bother with the WD MyBook Live Web Interface for Twonky Server Status

I would use the Twonky Server Web Interface directly to do that HTTP://MYBOOKLIVE:9000

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Thanks for sharing

Your Welcome

Hello, i have updated my WD MyBookLive to Twonky Server 7.1.2 and now is the Table confused. How can i fixed this? Thank you.


I upgraded from version 5 to 7 successfully, and I can see my videos on the twonky:9000, but not on the UI.

I following the instructions provided in this thread, but I cannot find the “getMediaServerPort.sh” file anywhere. I’ve even searched for it using WinSCP.

Please help.