GTA 5 Online Causes Connection Problems With My Book

My My Book works perfectly, but when ever I play GTA 5 Online it keeps dropping connection.
It only drops connection while playing GTA 5 Online and at no other time, so I know the My Book
isn’t the problem.
Does anyone else have this problem while playing GTA 5 Online?


Are you playing it from a DVD installation or through a Steam account? And if so, do you have any of your game libraries loaded onto the My Book?

Doesn’t GTA 5 have one of those apps like Fallout 4 where you can interact with the game from your phone over Wifi? Is that functionality enabled?

It was installed from a DVD installation onto the C\ drive.
There are no game files on my MY Book.

I don’t know if GTA 5 has a app where you can interact with it over WIFI as I don’t have a Smartphone.

I had a similar issue but mine was a Steam installed game (not GTA5) and I had my game library on an external drive. I don’t know of any connection between a USB drive and a game that would do this. I might suspect USB drivers for your mouse and keyboard if you are using a gaming rig like Razor. You can try reinstalling the USB Mass Storage Device driver from the Device Manager. Open Device Manager, right click on the USB Mass Storage Device from the list and uninstall, then scan for new hardware and let Windows install the driver. You can do the same with the My Book as well. Another thing to try would be to try the My Book on another USB port. If it’s on a 3.0 port, try a 2.0 if one is available. See if it is the 3.0 drivers.

Yes it does have an app like that. I’d go through the game options and see if there is a way to disable this. I saw some strange stuff on my network (even when the phone wasn’t connected to the wifi) with the Fallout 4 app running in-game and ultimately had to disable it in the games menu and it went away - not saying that’s your problem, but I’d like to rule it out as a suspect.


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