WD MyBook 5 TB keeps disconnecting

Purchased a WD My Book 5tb last week. Seemed to be fine until I start transferring my files. while copying files over, it disconnects and I need to manually unplug /plug usb cable to reconnect. I have had to do many times until my files were all copied over. Could anyone please help with any suggestions why it loses connection , but only when transferring files. If I leave it idle, it stays connected and is available without issues. I have two older usb ext drives that do not have these issues.

I have turned off sleep for drives, checked for firmware updates and checked for updated drivers. .

Dell XPS 8900
win 10 home

Thank you in advance

I’d recommend replacing the USB cable in case there’s a databridge issue. If it still happens try removing the unit’s drive from the Device Manager and allow it to install again.

Hello Trancer,
I tried removing from Device Manager, and after reinstall, it seems to be working fine for now. Thanks for taking time to help
out. I appreciate the help.

Take Care,