Problems connecting to MyBook within the same wifi network but can on another network?

Hi all

I am having issues connecting to MyBook from devices on the same WiFi network.

If using my iPad or iPhone on 3G I can successfully use the WD2GO apps and access MyBook, however when connecting to my home WiFi, I get the following error on both iPad and iPhone - “Device Offline - This device is inaccessible; only local files are available”.

Any ideas?

Hi, check if the my book and the iPad are part of the same workgroup. If that doesn’t work press the reset button on the back of the my book for 4 seconds.

I have exact same issue. Reset does not fix nor does re adding the accounts. Funny thing is if I force kill the app on iPhone then wifi access is accessible on relaunch of wd 2 go. It’s as if the app does not like moving from 3G back to wifi because always same message as I rejoin my home wifi. Very strange. Am running the horrific ios 6 by the way.

How do you check they are part of same workgroup, isn’t that a windows thing? There is no way to tell with an iPhone as far as I know.

Maybe I should try and force relay connection - how do I force it? At the moment port forwarding connection is established in the dashboard


Wd support - sorry to chase but is there any advice? Why does force closing the app (wiggling icon shutdown) under wifi make it work again? Is the app to blame or maybe the disastrous mess apple calls ios 6 the culprit? It’s as if the app does not seem to pick up that it has returned to my home wifi environment unless I force quit and relaunch - it does this I would 90% of the time. Under 3G there is never a problem.

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WD support - Any assistance with this issue?



Scotty:  This isn’t WD support.   This is a user-to-user community.

If you want WD support, go to

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to use WD2Go from your iPhone/iPad on the same WiFi network that your My Book Live is on… ?

If that is correct, I have the same issue and there is another thread about it.

For some reason the WD2go does not work well, or at all, if the MBL and Mobile Device are on the same network.

No, not really true.   All (three) of my iPod touches, iPads (a G1 and G3) work fine on my local network – as well as remote.

There was some other forum member, and I wish I could find the thread right now, that discovered that it frequently doesn’t work correctly if you move from Cellular to WiFi unless you force-close the app (I think that was the fix) and then restart it.

Bonjour discovery services may be blocked by your router. What make and model router are you using?

You can also download the bonjour discovery app from app store and see if it can find under NAS Service Protocol _wd-2go._tcp.

If this service is not working, then wd 2go will use the WAN address, but the router likely isn’t allowing loopback to occur - which means the device will look offline.


Thats a handy app!  Worth the $0.99.