Green Led never stop blinking

 my model is: My book live 3T. since yesterday the green led is never solid, always blinking, the manual says it means Unit is performing read or write commands to/from the Hard Drive Disk (HDD). but i guess it´s not normal, besides my WD Tv live is not recognising MyBook. They are conected directly via network cable.

 i,ve tried to conect it to my computer via network cable too and WD SmartWare does not detect it.

Thanks any help

Have you tried to use the WDLink software to get your computer to discover and connect to your MyBook Live?

What happens if you disconnect the network cable from the MyBook Live for a while? I think unplugging the network makes the MyBook Live show a red light but it’ll go back to green or blue when plugged back in.

Have you tried resetting the MyBook Live using the reset button?