Google drive and Google Photos

I synched my google photos and google drive with My Cloud Home. I would now like to delete everything from google to avoid having to upgrade and pay a monthly fee (the 100 gb plan). I want all the old data to stay in the WD and all new data, photos and files from gdrive and gphotos to be imported to the WD. Iā€™m now afraid that when I delete all data from google it will delete all data from the WD too XD. Any advice how I should do what I want without crying at the end :rofl::joy::rofl:??

Thanks a looot in advance for the help! :grinning:

To delete files from Google Drive or Google Photos, you may need to stop syncing Google Drive and Google Photos with My Cloud Home, you should disconnect these services. This will prevent any further data from being synced between them.
Then, confirm that all your existing data is stored safely on My Cloud Home separately. Then, before deleting, make sure that your Google Drive and Google Photos are no longer syncing with My Cloud Home.

Thanks a lot! If I understood well you mean stopping the sync, moving the files in the WD from gdrive and gphotos to a new folder with a different name, then deleting the data from Google servers and set up the sync again for the new files to come right?

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