Unlike my Google drive with My cloud home

After I synced all my data from my google drive to my My cloud home which is around 100 GB. I want to delete all the stuff on my google drive. However, I don’t want my cloud home sync that and delete everything as well. Moreover, I am afraid that I toggle off Google Drive from Social media and cloud import page which will result in deleting everything in the google drive folder.

What is the best approach to unlink them without losing google drive data on my cloud home?

Sorry can’t help you but how did you sync Google drive with My Cloud?

It’s my cloud home. And I did it by going to this website: https://home.mycloud.com/cloud/services
and choose Social and Cloud Import.

You should disconnect your Google Drive acc from My Cloud first (I think files will not be deleted once imported when you remove source accounts) then delete files you want on Google Drive.
Hope this help!